Ed Puzzle

What is EDPuzzle?

EDPuzzle (edpuzzle.com) is a tool to personalise short video clips found online or uploaded personally by cropping and adding questions and content throughout the video for students to answer. All answers are collated for you to review and assess their learning.

Why use EDPuzzle in the classroom?

EDPuzzle is a great way to create differentiated learning for your students and engage them through independent learning with their iPad. You can use EDPuzzle for many different ways including:

  • Formative assessment
  • Flipped Learning – Delivery of lesson content outside of class hours
  • Consolidation of content
  • Students create their own videos to test each other

How do you set up EDPuzzle?

Visit edpuzzle.com to set up a teacher account then get creating!!!


Tips and Tricks

  • Create your own videos to add a more personalised touch to learning
  • Time poor? Use the search function to find lessons that have already been created
  • Ensure you check videos and existing EDPuzzles the whole way through before you present them to your class
  • Always brief students about digital citizenship and correct gaming and online technology etiquette

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