Green Screening is the process where a colour (or range of colours) is turned transparent and allows the background to show through! It is actually called Chroma Keying and it is used heavily in many modes of media.  Note:  it does not have to be green that is the colour to be made transparent but green works nicely with humans as there is little green in skin tone (on a good day!)

The outcome is a composite image or video with the foreground superimposed on the background image or video.


make me make believe

Green screening is Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic!

Which is real? Minecraft Immersion!

Green Screening for learning:

Green screening can encourage creativity in building great content.

  • using elements together. news articles, weather and other presentation based material can be enhanced massively with Green screening by having an actual narrator out front.
  • Interacting with pieces of art or other created articles with a narrator works nicely and personalises the whole process.
  • creating great graphics for presentations.

Getting Going with Green Screening:

Green Screening is so achievable today and really depends on your desired outcome. There are the full on software options like Adobe Premiere that can give cinema quality outcomes (more on this later!) AND there are more obtainable options with computers with iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements or Movie maker (More on these sometime soon too!) For now though a ridiculously powerful option is via iPads with Green Screen by Doink. (make sure you watch the last 5 seconds!)

Hmmm! Let’s get thinking!

It is great working with students on this as you start to hear them “what about if we do this” and “how could we do that” Adding features to improve videos and Look at great examples from title scenes from movies to get you thinking:
– Modern family Titles
– Madmen Titles
– Hans Rosling Brings Stats to life!

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking what is possible. Once you start thinking anything is possible! The exciting this is that it is all very doable now though.

Going further with green screening functionality:

If you are using an iPad then “App smashing” can bring all sorts of fun to your projects. This is where we use apps together to get the desired outcome. Use apps that have certain strengths to do the individual bits. For instance, draw some hand drawn content in Notabilty but do it on a green background so that it can be turned off and you have the written content on your screen. Draw something in Notability on a green background Here is a fun example with

Here is also a fun example with Tellegami app to create the foreground image.

Try this cool combo:
– Draw something in Notability on a green background Use this image if you need a background.
– Add the image to Keynote and use the “instant alpha” option in the image editor and turn green off!!
– copy the image
– open an explain everything project and add your green background to fill the whole thing.
– hit “i” on the left hand side and paste your graphic from Keynote
– record your interactions with your drawing with a green background
– save it as a video
– import it into the foreground in Greenscreen by Doink
– the rest is up to you!!!

Getting setup:

Our portable green screens cost $40 and the large green sheets were $40 and the lights were only $50 each. All very affordable. We will share all our links to where we bought each here very soon!

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