What is KAHOOT?

KAHOOT is a game based, blended formative assessment tool. KAHOOT allows both teachers and students to research, create, collaborate and share knowledge. It gives students a voice in the classroom, and allows educators to engage and focus their students through play and creativity. Teachers and students can create a game by accessing the KAHOOT website. To take part in a KAHOOT students visit the game page.

Why use KAHOOT in the classroom

KAHOOT is an entertaining way to engage students in formative assessment in the classroom. The game based assessment gives students points for answering questions and how fast they answer questions. Using KAHOOT in the classroom can act as an external motivator for students to engage in lesson content in order to get the correct answers to win the KAHOOT game. The game has the ability to give all students in the classroom a voice when it comes to assessment and the concept of unlimited users playing the game means that you can compete with other classes at the same time!

  • Use KAHOOT as a formative assessment tool throughout the lesson or at the completion of the lesson to collate student data
  • Use KAHOOT as a revision tool
  • Use KAHOOT to vary pedagogy by adding questions at different intervals throughout the lesson
  • Allow students to use KAHOOT to create their own games with answers to display their knowledge and understand through content creation

How do you set up KAHOOT?

Once you have set up a KAHOOT account it is easy to begin creating a game for your class – all you then need to do is share the game code with your class and you are ready to KAHOOT!


Tips and Tricks

  • Start a new unit of work off with a KAHOOT to test student prior and background knowledge
  • Challenge another classroom – when two classes of the same KLA are run at the same time have classes compete against each other
  • Play towards content mastery – with the ‘ghost’ function students can play their own game and resit the questions to see their own personal growth
  • Time Poor? Use KAHOOT’s from the library which match your content
  • Always brief students about digital citizenship and correct gaming and online technology etiquette.

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