This app is awesome! After testing a lot of comparative apps, Notability came out up top mainly due to its usability. Ink beautifully to make awesome written notes or diagrams.

Using Notability for Learning?

  • Great notetaking including written and typed content plus images, links and more!
  • Annotate documents, complete worksheets, fill out forms with writing, typing, highlighting and drawings – submit your product straight from the app as a pdf
  • Create great graphics along with other apps if desired
  • Record audio matching up with typing and or written content at the time
  • Access and continue notes on other iDevices or in the Mac app with iCloud

Using Notability for Teaching?

  • Create rich board notes while being mobile and having them saved and instantly shareable
  • Share editable notes as .note files for users to have them as their own with the full editing available
  • Create powerful explanation content or “solutions” where users can go to hear audio recorded at the point of each bit of inking or typing

A Tutorial and mastery demonstration page!:

A Notability Tutorial and worksheet at >>>> <<<< Open the file in Notability for tips tricks and a one-page mastery demonstration exercise.

NOTE: this file has been trialled and tested with a lot of classes and groups and it highlights a whole lot of Notability power along with some tips and tricks.
OR as a video tutorial: you may prefer a full tutorial that goes into all the options. It was recorded a little while ago and has slightly different menus and look and feel but the features are the same.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Become familiar with the menus and options – hold down items for more options
  • Zoom in or use the magnify area to write at a comfortable size
  • Position your iPad in landscape mode and zoom or magnify to write at a comfortable size at the very bottom of the page while resting your hand on the table
  • Get a good stylus (microfibre end ones are superb)
  • Use the scissor tool to group inkings, move, resize, copy paste or change the style.
  • Turn iCloud on so your notes are backed up (and accessible across Mac devices, including iPhones!)
  • Backup to cloud services to have a copy of your notes accessed straight away as .note or .pdf

Going Further with Notability:

Mobile whiteboard: Notability makes a great whiteboarding tool on steroids! Be mobile around a room and keep others on track when then may not be seeing the full merit of your awesome content or! Check out the mobility page for options and enjoy! (teacher warning – this can seriously improve teaching practice!)

Documents with audio in line:  VERY COOL!! Share .note files with embedded recorded audio that plays related to what was written or typed at the time. Just play and then click on something to hear what was said then! Open this super Algebra Solutions example in Notability! Go on you  have to see it to believe it. – Cool hey!

Super AWESOME GRAPHICS: Screenshots of notability content is great BUuuUUUuuTTTT if you share a .pdf of content you can have your handwriting into apps like “Graphic APP” (used to be iDraw) you can save it with a transparent background! (like the one higher up in this post.

More -Whooahh! Now you have started you have to check out further ideas and content on the Notability Blog AND check out their dropbox folder for great backgrounds and materials for Maths, Science, Music and beyond!

Further Ideas and Feedback:

You can contribute to collaborative suggestions page here.
Please also add a comment at the bottom if you have any further ideas or feedback.

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