Office 365 Sway – In The Classroom

Sway was created by Office 365 to enable users to build and share web based content, reports, projects, presentations and other content with text, images, links, sound and video. Like Office 365 other products Sway has been designed to use across a range of phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and other devices.

The purpose of Sway is to convey concepts quickly, easily and clearly.

In the Classroom

Students can access Sway using the Sway app on their iPad and Sway browser version ( which is synced to their Office 365 account. Sway allows students to learn the basics of web design by displaying content in a tasteful manner which attracts their audience without all the tricky and often time consuming coding and back end work of a website. Students can play with layout, colour schemes and templates to enhance the design features of their page. The Sway app and Sway browser version provides the following advantages in the classroom:

Sway App

  • Students can easily add text elements to form headings, titles and body text
  • Students can access pictures from their camera roll to add to their page
  • Students can rearrange content with ease by dragging elements around the page
  • Editing layout is easy by using the style options and templates
  • Students can collaborate on joint projects by sharing a link
  • The page can be edited at anytime across any platform, mobile, tablet, laptop or PC
  • Students can share their page just as they would any other website with a URL

Sway Browser

Accessing Sway in the browser has all the capabilities of the app version – and many more!

  • Create a project from scratch or import from Word, PowerPoint and PDF
  • Create a project from an existing template
  • Search for existing Sway content created by other teachers to use in your classroom
  • Add sound and video (features not available on the app)

In the Staffroom

Just like any of the other office applications, sway can be just as effective for teachers as well as students.

  • Create course summaries with links to further reading or viewing for students to deepen their learning
  • Display lesson content with Sway as a more interactive way for students to access content instead of a static presentation
  • Use Sway collaborativly for staff to reflect on teaching programs using student work samples
  • When undertaking PBL projects, use Sway to deliver the initial task, and to showcase progress

How to Basics

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Sway to revamp your presentations
  • Introduce students to effective web design using Sway
  • Showcase projects online using Sway

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