PDHPE tool kit

There are many applications and web-based tools which we can use for PDHPE. Below is a list to start with, it is important to use apps that are in line with your teaching and learning programs and the needs of your students. Remember to think about the SAMR model when deciding if the application will, or how it can redefine tasks in PDHPE. The list is everchanging – if you know of an app that is effective when redefining pedagogy in PDHPE use the comment box below to let us know!


Movie and video clip creation


Note taking, text and free drawn

Explain Everything

Explanation videos

i-Nigma/QR Code Monkey

QR scanner


Formative assessment tool

Google Drive/Docs /Office 365

Document creation and storage

Book Creator 

E book creation


Presentation creation


Cloud file storage



Human Anatomy

Human anatomy including organs

World Anti Doping Agency Prohibited List

Speaks for itself

St John’s first aid 

You can use the website to save $4.49 but app is great for devices

My Fitness Pal

Calorie counter diet planner – nutrition

National Drugs Campaign

App to support national campaign

Sprint Timer

Great for carnivals – timer with video footage

Hudl (used to be ubersense)

Coaching/skills analysis

Daily Physical Activity – Activities and lesson plans for PE

Useful for PASS coaching unit

Smiling mind

Daily mindfulness

Stroke builder

Swimming app for non-swimmers to assist with stroke correction

Think don’t drink

Alcohol-based app with videos and quiz

Oz Health


Better Health Channel

App version of the website – health information

Sports Rules

Useful for PASS coaching unit

Essential Web Tools for PDHPE

Just like applications, web tools can be very powerful for redefining pedagogy in PDHPE. A lot of web-based tools now have apps which makes them effective for BYOD schools. Below is a list of web tools which can be used to enhance pedagogy in PDHPE, again, this list is by all means not complete – feel free to explore more and comment below with web tools you find effective!


Formative assessment tool


Curation tool

Pearl Trees

Curation tool

Today’s Meet

Give every student a voice in the classroom when asking questions


Formative assessment using videos


Game based formative assessment

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