What are Plickers?

Plickers is a powerful formative assessment tool that allows you to collect data without students devices. Using the Plickers website you can create Plickers cards, set up your classes and library with questions. The Plickers cards are discreet so students cannot see what answers other students are giving. This not only stops students from cheating but allows students to feel confident contributing to class answers.

Why use Plickers in the classroom?

Plickers is a fun and engaging way to collect student data in relation to their understanding of lesson content. The Plickers iPad app allows you to scan the students answers and gives you immediate feedback of student knowledge. This data is then stored in your account where you can view by class as a whole or as an individual student. Plickers has the ability to give all students a voice and allows you as a teacher to identify specific student needs.

  • Use Plickers as a way to see variation in student understanding pre and post lesson
  • Assess student progression and understanding levels throughout the lesson
  • Use Plickers as a revision tool
  • Use Plickers to vary pedagogy by adding questions at different intervals throughout the lesson

How do we make Plickers?

Once you have set up your Plickers account it is easy to add classes and questions. You can reuse a set of cards over and over again for different classes.

Tips and tricks

  • Use Plickers in pastoral care programs to identify group and individual personality traits, strengths and weaknesses
  • Use Plickers as extension activities when on excursions, have students wear their Plickers card on a lanyard and pose questions throughout the day – scan on your device to see if students are listening to what they are being told! – you can also use them as a quick way to do a head count!
  • Print the Plickers cards onto card rather than paper and if laminating use a matte laminate as the glare from a regular laminate will interfere with the scanning.

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