Scratch is a really easy and powerful option for introducing concepts of coding and for building interactive components that can be shared and embedded online.

Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century. (

Scratch is used well in junior schools and the challenge is to use it Authentically in post junior school classes for skill building and also for the creation of very cool content, all while building great skills for our students.

Scratch for Learning:

Scratch is incredibly diverse and opens up a huge number of options for creating great content. A huge amount of learning is unleashed just in using a tool like Scratch with creativity, computational thinking and problem-solving finding being almost by-products in working towards a fun finished product. When coupled with devices like Makey Makey suddenly a completely new task comes about that can span all subject areas.

Some great ideas for using Scratch include creating:

  • interactive activities including games, quizzes, stories and posters

Getting going with Scratch:

The above videos are from Lifelong Kindergarten on Vimeo.

And an example of a project to replicate and interact with as we explore some Makey Makey options alongside.

Scratch and Flash! Ahhh haaaa!

Hmmm Scratch is, unfortunately a punish for tablets with iDevices and newer android devices not running flash. The folks at Scratch are working towards an HTML5 version so that Scratch project creation and interaction with projects can be truly realised across all devices. This post is where they seem to be keeping folks up to date with it all

NOTE: there are other alternatives in the form of apps for iPads and iDevices but they do not stack up with the power and sharing of Scratch. Google has a great product called Blockly and it is used in which is superb but it does not seem to be at the stage of log in – create – share – refine! There is no doubt that this will be an area we see a lot of growth in soon!

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