Short Love Quotes To Her

It is remarkable what effect a few moments of thoughtful expression can have on the one you love. If you have those positive loving feelings inside, that is great, but it’s even greater if you share them in a moment of love as cute love quotes to her or as a good morning text to your girlfriend or wife. The effort is worth it and the possibilities are endless.

Good Morning Love Quotes For Her

1: Good morning my love! The weather is bad today so you will be my sun!

2: Good morning my darling! The sun is out and it’s a lovely day. It must be getting its inspiration from you.

3: Good morning my love! How lucky was I to wake up next to you this morning? Yep, I’ve hit the jackpot!

4: Good morning my light! How does it feel to know you’re the most precious treasure in the universe to me? Those that disagree 1. don’t know what they’re talking about and 2. can go please themselves.

5: Good morning my princess! Today I will be sustained by the memory of your sweet kisses.

6: Good morning my love! Loving you is as natural as breathing air – the sweetest air.

7: Just having my morning coffee and texting you to let you know that you light my world. Good morning.

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