TodaysMeet is a tool that can be used superbly in the classroom and beyond to enable new activities, collect thoughts and insights running beside a presentation. It is like Twitter but no accounts are needed making it instant and accessible. It can also be more confined than Twitter and there are tools for managing the chat room.

TodaysMeet gives everyone a voice!

The Backchannel:

is the conversation that goes on behind the scenes. Embracing the backchannel can have great advantages in gauging the real understanding and thought on what is being presented along with gathering insights from your audience and beyond.  There are a number of great examples for using TodaysMeet in the links below.

How to use TodaysMeet:

Although a room can be created without an account, you are better to create an account first as you have more control and management options. Once you have an account, you simply log in, pick a room name and share the link with your audience (or beyond!)


Control of your Room:

You can choose to only allow logged in users to the room but this can be restrictive. There is the chance that inappropriate comments can be written as it is essentially anonymous. A well thought out purposeful discussion usually negates this though. If this does happen you can delete comments for rooms you have created while logged in.

You can opt to upgrade to the teacher tools for more monitoring and management tools.

Further thought and great examples:

For some other great ideas and thought on using TodaysMeet check out :

Feedback and Comments:

We would love to hear from you on ways that you have used todaysmeet or tips and tricks for getting it right.


For other tools for collecting thought but with a whole lot more, check out our EtherPad page.

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