Explain Everything For Flipping Your Classroom

Why Explain Everything for Flipping?

There are many different platforms you can use to create video content for your students. Explain Everything is a simple to use yet highly effective application to create content for your students. The app allows you to animate pictures, text and add voice recordings. It is amazing to see its capabilities when used with other applications. See the tips below for how you can add value to your videos using explain everything.

Using Explain Everything

The application is a simple to use and is friendly to all all levels of tech users. For information on how to use Explain Everything check here

Tips for using Explain Everything

  • Use notability to write and draw images which can be then screen shot and inserted into a slide
  • Import pre existing power point slides and add voice recordings
  • Get creative using other applications to “smash” concepts such as Green Screen by Do Ink – check out Smiddy’s skeleton YouTube video below
  • Export your videos to iMovie to add music and join videos

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