Embedded iPad Skills and Focuses

A huge range of learning can be enabled or enhanced with the use of iPads. So what are some of the skills required  for this to happen? Here are some iPad-specific skills and focuses we would like to see used within all sorts of learning outcomes.


  • To enhance and enrich learning with the appropriate use of technology.
  • To develop authentic student and staff skills and abilities enabling a wide range of possible tasks.
  • To prepare our students for the world with valuable skills.
  • To highlight some of what is possible with iPads.
  • To be transparent and share our learning journey as we do this.
  • To set minimum expectations for our students so that tasks can be set knowing that the students can undertake the task.

The skills lessons are to be embedded into current class and coursework material for each of years 5 to 9, spread across subject and course materials. The lessons are differentiated with options for groups or individuals that may have already covered the content.

The Skills and Focuses Overview:

Note this typed version of the main categories and content is below along with links to pages or posts as they become active.

Main Themes:

  • Access
  • Responsibilities
  • Content creation
  • Consistency

Goal Content Areas:

  • Responsibilities and setup
  • Learning Management Systems -Schoology in our case
  • Storage, Access, Backup, Collaboration and Sharing – Office365 in our case
  • Content Creation
  • iPad Apps
  • Online Tools
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Research
  • Creativity

Content Goal Further Skill breakdown:

  • Note taking
  • Better presentations and presenting
  • Movie Clips
  • Audio clips / podcasts
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Posters and Brochures
  • Digital Books
  • Graphics
  • Web Publishing

Lessons to Achieve these goals: (specific subjects are being added as we run sessions)

Going Further – enhancing learning outside of the classroom:

  • Competitions – internal and external
  • Clubs and groups
  • Showcases
  • Excursions/Incursions
  • Student voice

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